Campaign Aims and objectives

The objectives of the campaign are twofold:

  1. To involve citizens in the struggle for the improvement of air quality.

  2. To ensure effective measures are implemented to reduce the emissions from all sectors responsible for air pollution in the Mont Blanc region: transport, residential and industry.

Today the Plan of Protection of the Atmosphere of the Arve valley (PPA) is not yet applied to the goods transports and industry sectors.

The Prefect of Haute-Savoie, who is in charge of the implementation of this plan, should be made aware of the concerns of local residents regarding the sub-standard air quality and the effect that the air pollution is having on the health of the local population.

How are we going to achieve these objectives?

  1. Through education and information of citizens.

  2. By visible and concrete actions (symbolic actions with high public visibility).

  3. By working with policy makers and local bodies: in cooperation with those who wish to work with us or by applying pressure on those who refuse to work towards the common good and the improvement of public health.


We have chosen to proceed in stages. Among the dozens of measures listed in the PPA, we have selected 5 that seem to be the most relevant and have the highest priority, to start with. We therefore feel it is our taks to explain these to the local public in order to gain its support; we also plan to ensure these measures are upheld by the Prefect, other policy makers and local bodies.

The 5 priority measures to improve air quality

1. Trucks

Load the most polluting trucks (Euro 3) on to the Savoie Alpine Rail-Road in the winter months, when pollution is at its highest, and ban them from Mont-Blanc tunnel. To stop these trucks from simply using the Fréjus road tunnel instead, ban them also from this route and load them on the Alpine Rail-Road too.

2. Information

Broadcast information about air pollution peaks on all available Town Hall media.

3. Open fireplaces

Launch an information campaign to reduce the use of highly polluting open fireplaces.

4. Car-pooling

Create car parks and lay-bys to support car pooling.

5. Bicycles

Encourage cycling as a mode of transport.