A new road in the choking Arve valley

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The Marignier Bypass, what for?

The infrastructure to by-pass Marignier is already in place - it is the A40 motorway.  Creating an exit to the west of the town and one to the east is all that would be needed in order to by-pass Marignier, as is the case in neighbouring Bonneville. Yet, it is the option of a long new road, parallel to the motorway, with a 300m viaduct to bridge the Giffre delta, that was chosen. What is the justification for such a huge project, costing so much public money, when other solutions exist?

Increased traffic and air pollution

While those in favour of the by-pass continue to claim that the project will improve air quality, the figures from the public inquiry report itself state exactly the opposite.  The project will increase road traffic by 12% and energy consumption by 15%, by 2025, in comparison with the situation should the project not go ahead. This corresponds to an increased consumption of more than 200 Oil Equivalent Tons each year, as well as the emission of all the pollutants associated with this level of consumption, in the heart of the Arve Valley, which has already been specifically highlighted by the European commission as one of 10 zones in France threatened by litigation for exceedances of levels of particulate matter…

Page 260 of the public enquiry report

Page 260 of the public enquiry report

In favour of a new public inquiry

Environn’MontBlanc and its Inspire campaign have asked the Prefect of Haute-Savoie to launch a new public inquiry in the face of important changes in recent years, not least of which is the Plan for the Protection of the Atmosphere, adopted by the Prefect in 2012 to reduce local air pollution, not increase it! In a letter dated 21st September 2016 the Prefect informed us that he was studying our request.

Let’s push the Prefect to launch a new public inquiry by urgently signing this petition:

And the impact on the town of Thyez ?

The Environment Agency, in its advice of 14th June 2010, highlighted that the impact study of the Marignier by-pass had not fully evaluated the «pollution and potential nuisance caused by the spread of traffic on the streets of Thyez». We feel the residents of Thyez have the right to understand the effect the project could have on their quality of life and their air. 

Why a late reaction on our part ?

A by-pass project is in general beneficial to the quality of life of a town or village. When the residents of Marignier voted in favour of a Mayor who based his campaign on fighting the by-pass project, local environmental organisations focussed their attention more closely on the project. Furthermore, ARSMB and Environn’MontBlanc/Inspire were invited by the residents of Marignier to come and speak on the subject during 3 public meetings in 2015. The organisations made proposals in favour of alternative solutions that would be more respectful of public health and the environment.

Request for a pause in road-building projects

In addition 40 non-profit organisations asked for a moratorium on all projects seeking to expand road capacity in Haute-Savoie, whilst their impact on air quality and on the climate are evaluated, as well as alternative solutions investigated. This very broad consensus extends from environmental organisations, to public health and farming bodies, showing the changing values of residents of Haute -avoie and the need to better take into account public health and the environment.