Polluting energy subsidised

Time to give up our expensive addiction to fossil fuels to save our air and our climate

Worldwide, our reliance on fossil fuels costs $10 million per minute, in direct and indirect subsidies, according to figures released by IMF. This is much more than would be needed to develop clean and renewable energy on a massive scale worldwide. The myth that fossil fuels are cheap has been shattered by this year’s IMF study. The economic argument no longer holds up. Other studies show that the green economic sector will generate more jobs than its polluting counterpart.

To continue subsidising fossil fuels, is to guarantee that we plunge the world into climatic chaos within a few decades. All of this for the short-term benefit of a small percentage of people, who profit outrageously from a perverse situation.

According to IMF experts, if subsidies to fossil fuel were removed, a 20% reduction in global CO2 emissions would be acheived. Not to mention the benefits to our air quality and public health. According to WHO 3.7 million people die prematurely worldwide each year due to air pollution.

The report published in November 2015  by the European Environment Agency reveals that in Europe, 430,000 people die prematurely each year due to air pollution!

It is time for our leaders to act in the best interest of the entire planet and to overcome the dictatorship of a few lobby groups who rule for their own benefit or for the profits of their shareholders. This unacceptable situation creates immeasurable risks to public health and to the longevity of our climate.