Viaduct Walk, November 16, 2013

The annual march up the Egratz viaduct, in favour of a greater respect for the environment and better air quality, took place in a calm and friendly atmosphere, unlike the recent demonstrations against the misnamed, but ultimately fair, eco-tax.

Nearly 500 people took part in this annual event, organised by local non-profit organisation ARSMB, with the help of Environn'MontBlanc. This event, according to a well-placed source, is proving a needle in the side of both the ATMB President and the Prefect de Haute-Savoie. Year after year the march takes place, with participants choking up the Mont Blanc Tunnel access road, demonstrating the force of the health and environmental protection movements, which have been tirelessly campaigned for by local organisations over the course of twenty years. The movement existed long before the Mont -Blanc Tunnel disaster and survived the reopening of the tunnel – to the great regret of the authorities, who wanted the determination to fade and the movement to grind to a halt. Prefects come and go, ATMB presidents are nominated and replaced, but local environmental organisations remain rooted and proactive at the foot of Mont -Blanc... with the longstanding support of elected officials of the Chamonix Valley.