Air pollution and health effects report

Environn’MontBlanc / Inspire has published a report on the current knowledge on the health effects of air pollution, under the title:  "Atmospheric pollution: a major health risk, including in the Arve valley". 

Contrary to popular belief, the main causes of death due to air pollution are heart attack and coronary artery disease (40%), stroke (40%), and then in third position only respiratory diseases (20%). This document also details the risks associated with traffic pollution, which alone generates more than 380 identified pollutants, of which 114 have a Toxicity Reference Value and 30 are classified as carcinogens. Diesel exhaust emissions have been classified as carcinogenic by WHO in 2012 and a high percentage of our daily exposure to particles occurs when we are in cars, buses or tubes. InVS (Institut de Veille Sanitaire) estimates that air pollution causes at least 40 deaths per 100,000 people each year in the Arve valley. Air pollution levels in the valley are also compared to levels in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble.

The in-depth and well illustrated 27 page document, in French only, was prepared by Joanna Forel, a Masters student, in collaboration with Dr Jacques Venjean, doctor and allergist, as well as Anne Lassman-Trappier, President of Environn'MontBlanc

View report in French

(to be printed in A5 format)