Annecy demonstration 7 February

Say no to air pollution in Haute Savoie

60 to 80 deaths each year are caused by the poor air quality in the Arve valley, from La Roche to the Chamonix valley, (40 to 50 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, according to InVS). 6% of annual deaths in France are attributable to air pollution. Is this acceptable? Really?

Fed up of breathing air that is harmful to your health?  Worried about the health of your loved ones? Then be in Annecy, without fail, on 7 Feb!

Let's take action against a silent scourge

Last February 1300 of us protested in Chamonix against air pollution. Several thousand people need to be in Annecy on 7 Feb to demand effective measures against air pollution in the Arve Valley and in Haute Savoie. The demonstration is organised by a citizen of Chamonix and is supported by local environmental organisations, various networks and by doctors.

Only a mass presence in Annecy on 7 Feb can demonstrate our exasperation with the inadequacy of the measures put in place so far to protect the health of people Haute Savoie. It is time to stand up, take action and work together to improve air quality.

The Plan

09:30 - Meet in front of the Annecy train station
10:00 - Procession leaves for the Prefecture of Haute Savoie
In front of the Prefecture, Inspire will ask 60 people to lie down on the road, in order to represent, in a very visual manner, the 60 deaths at the very least that occur in the Arve Valley each year.  Please contact us if you would like to take part in this strong symbolic action.

Print this leaflet, put it up in your work place, business, surgery....(click on the leaflet to enlarge)

Link to facebook event

Geyting there by train, bus or carpooling

Train from Chamonix/ Arve Valley

Chamonix 07h10
Les Houches 07h31
Servoz 07h42
St-Gervais 07h57 see intermediate stops

St-Gervais 08h03
Sallanches 08h08
Cluses 08h21
Marignier 08h31
Bonneville 08h38
La Roche-sur-Foron 08h47

La Roche-sur-Foron 08h46
Annecy 09h29 see intermediate stops

Annecy 14h32
La Roche-sur-Foron 15h06 see intermediate stops

La Roche-sur-Foron 15h07
Bonneville 15h18
Marignier 15h28
Cluses 15h35
Sallanches 15h46
St-Gervais 15h53

St-Gervais 16h05
Servoz 16h19
Les Houches 16h30
Chamonix 16h50 see intermediate stops

Train from Annemasse and Reignier

Annemasse 08h30
Reignier 08h39
Annecy 09h29

Annecy 14h32
Reignier 15h15
Annemasse 15h26

From Rumilly

Rumilly 09h00
Annecy 09h15

Annecy 13h39 or 13h53 or 14h39 etc

Train : tickets / timetable / live information / illico card (50% discount for you and 3 companions at weekends)

Car costs : fuel and tolls only
Chamonix - Annecy = 40€ (city car) - 46€ (family car)
Sallanches - Annecy = 33€ (city car) - 39€ (family car)
+ parking, maintenance, insurance, purchase price.


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