People power in action

The people’s movement is underway locally

Individuals are busting with energy and are putting into motion initiatives which are moving society towards a greener future, more mindful of the world around us: nature, air, climate, biodiversity, but also human beings.

In Passy on Saturday 28 November representatives from many local initiatives gathered together, under the watchful eye and stimulating words of Alexandre Jardin, author and founder of the Bleu Blanc Zebre, a project which brings together the concrete actions of civil society for the benefit of all. 350 people took part to this event: the 4th half-day of the Cycle of Air.

With much enthusiasm and realism, Alexandre Jardin reminded us that it is our responsibility to take action and put into place the solutions that we would like to see around us. We must stop believing that a new law or a political leader is going to fix everything and, on the contrary, we need to take action ourselves. In the vein of the title of his book « Leave it to us, we have already started» Alexandre Jardin evoked several examples of solutions implemented to improve the quality of life of lots of people. Then, he left the room to digest and discuss.

Many initiatives, forgotten by the media, who seem only interested in reporting conflict and horror, are already underway locally. Others are about to be birthed, like the project of a young lady who announced that she was looking for land in the Arve valley to become a farmer and provide vegetables to a new AMAP (an association of consumers that supports small local holdings, with farming practises that are respectful of the environment and of health). 

The Cycle of Air, the Bleu Blanc Zebre movement and many others, aim to promote people who promise nothing, but who take action, away from the spotlight, often with great humility. Here are real heroes. Meeting so many such people in Passy was valuable, encouraging and a great source of hope.

The Cycle of Air aims to mobilise local people into concrete daily actions to improve air quality. Everyone can do their share. Th cycle is organised by 3 non-profit organisations that are highly active locally: Cellule Verte Haute-Savoie, ARSMB, Environn’MontBlanc.

Next and final day of the cycle
Saturday 23 January 2016, at the Majestic in Chamonix

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