Bike rally Passy 2 May

On Saturday 2 May, nearly 400 of us took part in the Velorution'Air bike rally, organised in Passy by Inspire, in partnership with AMAPlace sur la Terre (community farming box scheme). The rally achieved its aims of reinforcing our demands for cycling facilities in the Mont Blanc region whilst being an enjoyable and friendly event. Thank you to the Passy town-hall for their logistical help and to the ARSMB for their stall.

Biking, as a mode of transport, is part of the solution needed to reduce our polluting emissions. In Rhone Alps, more than half of our journeys are less than 3km long. During the first kilometre an engine emits 50% more pollutants.  So, for short distances, the use of a bicycle is a great solution to reduce our emissions.

For AMAPlace sur la Terre, the gathering was also an opportunity to investigate the links between urbanisation and pollution and to consider the consequences of urban-land pressure on farming spaces. AMAPlace sur la Terre puts into practice the concept of short distribution chains,
delivering baskets of vegetables, cheese, meat, bread and other items, to 80 families at the foot of Mont Blanc, the organisation also sustains the activities of 2 organic farms locally.

24th May 2014
1st Velorution'Air action in Chamonix.
 Photos, film

20th September 2014
2nd Velorution'Air action in Les Houches.

What has happened since these events?

  • The missing cycle path between Les Houches and Servoz:  There is real will at the Les Houches town hall to see this track become a reality. In conjunction with the community of communes of the Chamonix Valley, Inspire and the SM3A and hopefully some (yet confirmed) funds from ATMB, this project is taking shape.  Phase 1 of the works (Les Chavants to the SNCF station at Vaudagne) will begin in 2015.  More information

  • Chamonix:  Following the council meeting on 27th February 2015, works for the first phase of cycle paths, between the station in Les Pelerins and Chemin Napoleon in Les Bossons, were authorised and approval was given for 500 000 Euros to be allocated this project. Work is due to begin in 2015.