Petition "Trains for better air" handed in

The "Trains for better air!" petition was presented to representatives of the Rhone-Alpes Region on 9 July 2015, by Claude Brasier, on behalf of ARSDL and Inspire - the two organisations who initiated the petition.

With more than 4.000 signatures and 800 personal comments regarding the ill effects on the daily lives of Haute-Savoie people resulting from air pollution and too few trains, this petition is a reflection of public desire to better use Haute-Savoie's 235km electrified railway network.

France 3 Alpes TV news report

This petition and campaign have allowed us to show our authorities how much the rail service has shrunk in Haute-Savoie over the past few years. The region has promised one new daily train, for the 2016 service, out of the 10 extra trains that we requested. It is a good start, but we must stay focussed and alert to ensure that the Rhone-Alpes Region provides a significant ramp up in the rail services between 2016 and 2020, and the arrival of the Leman Express from Geneva (town-center and airport). The requirements mentioned in the petition are all the more significant in the context of chronic air pollution: filling the gaps in peak periods, better train services at weekends, better connections to Annecy and Bellegarde TGV trains and the return of direct trains from Evian to Valence and St Gervais to Lyon.

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