Marignier: 15% additional pollution

Marignier bypass : +15% energy consumption and pollutant emissions, in the heart of the Arve valley.

Contrary to claims made by people backing the Marignier bypass project, the new road will increase emissions of pollutant in the Arve valley.  This information is plain to see in the large public inquiry report released by the Haute-Savoie Departement itself:  in 2025, the bypass will cause an  increase of 15% (14.6% to be exact) in energy consumption, or 200 tons of oil equivalent each year, as well as the emissions of all the pollutants associated with this energy use.

Page 260 of the report

Page 260 of the report

Translation: In 2025, with the realisation of this project energy consumption will increase slightly, in the order of 14.6%, in comparison to consumption without the project. It will result in an increased energy consumption of around 202 tons of oil equivalent per year.

Haute-Savoie is preparing, in the heart of  the Arve Valley, to increase the level of  road transport air pollution, even though the valley has been specifically identified by the European Commission, as one of the 10 zones in France facing litigation concerning the exceedance of standards for particulate matter. The Arve Valley Atmospheric Protection Plan (PPA), adopted in 2012, clearly advocates the «Use of  the car as a last resort and the improvement of public transport (train, urban transport, buses on demand, car sharing, bicycle…)» not the extension of the road transport network and increasing the traffic flow in the valley!

And the impact on the community of Thyez ?

Furthermore, the environment agency, in its statement on 14 June 2010, lamented that the impact study of the Marignier bypass did not evaluate «the potential pollution and noise caused by the traffic spreading to the roads of Thyez». Don’t the inhabitants of Thyez have the right to understand the impact of the project on the quality of their lives and their air?

Questions still unanswered

For several years, the «pro-bypass» team members have continued to state that the project will cause improvement of air quality. Was this a lie or a show of incompetence on their part? To understand this, we would like to discuss the matter with the Departement, but for now, they remain deaf and dumb to our requests of clarification or meeting….

Here at the heart of the Arve Valley, the Departement of Haute-Savoie is investing to increase air pollution