ATMOsphere is coming soon

The ambitious web-documentary we are producing with Cellule Verte Haute-Savoie, film maker Laurent Cistac and actress Mélanie Baxter-Jones, will be completed at the end of the summer. The editing is done and the music is being written. Work will go on all summer on the website integration. The summer holidays will be short for our team.


You are all invited to the launch event of the web-documentary, which will take place on 23 September in Passy. If you wish, you can get involved further and give us a hand with the many tasks ahead. Have a look at what needs to be done and get involved. Team spirit will lift us and take us further!
How to get involved (in French)

The total cost of the web-documentary will be a whooping €60.000. Over half of the funding has been secured thanks to the recent help of Pronic in Marignier and Black Crows in Chamonix. Inspire’s annual budget is usually around €10.000, so this is a huge step up for us… If you know companies with an interest in environmental issues, please tell us about them. Our largest backers to date are: you (crowd-funding and donations), Patagonia, the Commuty of Communes of the Chamonix Valley, Salomon, Pronic, Sophie Dion, Black Crows, Léman Industries, Parc Merlet, Sport Spirit, Snell Sports, etc.
4-page presentation (in French)

Thanking you in advance for any help or information you can give us.