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ATMOSphere - To change our air

The Arve valley under a man-made dark haze of pollution, one Sunny day of march 2014

The Arve valley under a man-made dark haze of pollution, one Sunny day of march 2014

Our mountain air is no longer pure. What can we do and what solutions can, we, citizens put in place to improve the air quality at the foot of Mont Blanc?

The aim of the web-documentary ATMOSphere is to help citizens become part of the solution to reduce the emission of pollutants, harmful to health and the climate and, as a consequence, to force public officials to put ambitious measures in place to improve air quality.

An up to date and interactive tool that is a web-documentary, will allow us to reach a wider audience, including the younger generation, over several years and beyond the bounds of the Arve valley.  It will allow us to spread information, to promote good practice and to show people power at work!

Become a spect’actor!

A fun and interactive tool box

Through the ATMOSphere web-documentary, the user will be offered an interactive journey through the heart of the Arve valley and will be able to discover various media including videos, photographs, texts, drawings, maps, animations, sounds and music.

The web documentary will be based on the testimonies of people living in the Arve Valley, active citizens who have started up positive initiatives. Complimentary information and advice from experts will allow the user to go further and become an agent of change.  Lasting 75 mins this web-documentary will deliver a unique message and offer the tools to act towards a better respect of the air and the climate, in Haute-Savoie and beyond.

The Arve Valley, at the foot of Mont-Blanc, suffers from the same level of air pollution as the larger French cities. This web documentary bears witness not only to the suffering of the inhabitants faced with this pollution, but also to the action of local citizens who are committed, away from the media spotlight, to return the air to its purer form.

How did it get so bad?  How can we act?  This web-documentary will answer these questions and give daily life ideas to improve air quality.

The Partners

The Producers

Cellule Verte Haute-Savoie

A non-profit organisation based in Les Gets, which promotes real solutions for sustainable development in Haute-Savoie. The organisation runs the Eco-Conso 74 network, the responsible consumption network of Haute-Savoie, which highlights local, responsible production initiatives, through the internet and by through a printed guide.


The Inspire campaign, launched and managed by non-profit organisation Environn’MontBlanc, aims to show the concerns of local people regarding air pollution in the Mont-Blanc region, to offer solutions to improve the situation and above all, to obtain concrete measures so that our air at the foot of Mont-Blanc can be of good quality once again.  See the 2015 summary.

The Director

Cellule Verte and Inspire have turned to a professional director, Laurent Cistac and a production company: La Belle Echapee. Laurent is a director who is very involved and works with passion on behalf of humanitarian, societal and environmental causes. “Getting a job is hard work for a handicapped person” is the title of his last web documentary.

Project volunteers and professionals


President of Environn’MontBlanc and the Inspire campaign, for the improvement of air quality in the Mont Blanc region. Native of the Chamonix valley, she is also involved with the national federation France Nature Environment. The protection of public health in the face of air pollution and the risk of runaway climate change are subjects which drive her action and her work to improve transport solutions, move towards more virtuous mobility solutions and reduce our reliance on polluting fossil fuels.


President of Cellule Verte Haute-Savoie. Since founding this organisation, for the promotion of sustainable development, his motto has been “together, we can do anything”.  A native of Haute-Savoie and having explored its mountains in all seasons, he has been closely witnessingthe profound changes caused by human activities on this territory. For Phillipe, there is no inevitability about breathing poor air and he is convinced that we can collectively pull together and solve the problem.


A truly engaged documentary producer, Laurent makes films and web-documentaries with the aim of telling the story of people who are discriminated against or raise awareness about problematic situations. Laurent is linked to La Belle Echappee, a non-profit film-making organisation. He always goes beyond exposing a problem and chooses a positive outlook, showing what can be done.


A new comer in the Chamonix valley, volunteer for Inspire. Director and co-director of documentaries on social issues and executive producer of “Secrets d’Histoire”, she gets much of her energy from the beauty of her environment and the people who live here. She followed her childhood dream of living in the mountains and now lives in Chamonix.  She wants to take action and help make the air in this beautiful valley breathable once again.


A geographer by graduation, specialising in environmental topics. Today, she is working with Cellule Verte, developing different projects for the organisation. Having lived in the Arve Valley since she was young girl, she wants to act personally and as part of a group to improve the air that we breathe.


Bilingual actress (English and French), who is in love with the Chamonix valley.  She lives here and is concerned about the health of her young family. See her internet page